Untitled by Tara Donovan

by Turmeric

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    A word on what you are hearing:
    In early 2009 Tara Donovan installed an untitled work on the ceiling of the Contemporary Arts Center using thousands of Styrofoam cups arranged in nebular clusters. We were struck by how, through the mere agglutination of this everyday, ostensibly aesthetic void of an object, Donovan had managed to create something sublime and transcendent of its component parts. We wondered what an aural equivalent might be. This album is one response to that question.

    Drones, like Styrofoam cups and the other diurnal materials Donovan employs, are integral components of urban life. They share our space and then are cast aside. Imbedded within a context of function, our interactions with them tend towards the automatic and thoughtless. For these reasons we decided that drones might be a decent candidate for an aural Styrofoam cup.

    As we strung drones together into a nebular sound collage, we began thinking about cloud formation. As the drones started out diffuse and came together into something more substantial, we imagined what it would sound like if one of our songs came together in the same way. What you hear on this recording then are two clouds forming together: one of everyday sounds and one of a melodic composition terminating in our song “Sun Lion.” The drones and the melodiousness are meant to complement each other, not compete. Unlike most music, which is meant to exist in a vacuum, this piece was composed to invite in everyday sound around you. When listening to this recording, we encourage you to also listen to how incidental sounds around you contribute to the piece.
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released April 2, 2010



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Turmeric Cincinnati, Ohio

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